Seven Ways to Remix Media in the Classroom

1 Digital Essays

Have students collect historical artifacts and build a digital essay that remixes multmodal elements and primary sources. Here is an example I made about my favorite bass players:

Another example on the history of rock and roll:

2 Ignite Talks

Reinvent the oral presentation and help put an end to bad slide decks. Only you can prevent death by powerpoint. You can see some examples here:…

3. HTML Portfolios

You can have students use the no code version of Google Sites to get a website up and running but do they learn anythign using one more WYSIWYG rich text editor? Why not build in some HTML lessons. Here is aget started lesson

4. Science Metaphor poems

You can have students reinforce science concepts by having them write a metaphor poem. Here is one I did comparing gravity and selfies:… and another with horseflies:…

5 Documentary Poems in History

Get to C3 Domains by teaching documentary poetry in history:…

6 Junk Art

Collect trash and have students make #d representations about characters, events, historical figures etc:

7 Make A Meme Challenge:

Why not respond to literature or annotate a texrt with memes. maybe pick an histroical time period and have people make different memes from different perspectives…

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