Three AI and Me Generated Badges

Three quick badge designs

Recently Doug Belshaw asked about the badge designing tools available in issuing platforms and if AI will play a role in these designs.

The badge designing tool is often the most requested feature by people but for developers one of the most expensive to develop and maintain.

I used to struggle with this as well. I see two pathways: -Commodifying Design -Niche High-End Brand marketing

I just use Canva to make badges. Plenty of templates and I can download the SVG. I can upload my logos and build a brand kit. I do not think any badge issuer should invest heavily in badge-building automation tools.

For organizations focused on branding there will be boutique design shops. I have seen some sick designs. In the end, most companies will not invest in the Design of credentials if they invest in credentials at all. That being said as credentialing grows brands will start to see the ambassador roles of badges. Some may, and many do, pay six-figure design budgets as part of a campaign.

Here are three quick “prototype” badges I made. They took less than ten minutes for the three.

I used, an AI drawing tool, and used the phrase “keep badges weird.” Then I chose three different styles.

I then fired up Canvas. I selected a badge template. I added a circle frame. I uploaded the training cards from I moved them down to see the title of the badge.………

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