Russia Today Announces New Reality Show "Roses of Reunification

An example of political satire. Earlier online we were discussing the role of satire in online political speech. Someone was trying to discuss the focus of what people often refer to as the “demographic problem” in Russia.

This was my quick example I wrote as a satire News article

Earlier today a new sensation gripped Russia as citizens everywhere celebrated our historical foundation and the liberation of four Oblasts who faced Western Satanic demise choked by EU and NATO.

Roses of Reunification, a new hit Reality TV show from RT, matches Russian women with strong Russian men, formerly known as Ukrainians, liberated from Oblasts under attack in NATOs proxy war to destroy Russia.

Roses of Reunification presents men of strong Russian, formerly known as Ukrainian, stock to women of Russia. Women who lost cowardly weak men who became Western agents and abandoned Mother Russia.

Each week lucky Russians take a cruise over the Dniper River and have a luxury stay in a hotel. A Russian woman then gets a chance to interview three men for a chance at making Russian babies. Bonus shows can include a secret Russian child liberated from Ukraine as a party gift for the live studio audience.

Then legions of fans vote on VKonkante picking a couple who will make most beautiful of Russian babies. Winning couples marry in a Season Finale and get new property in our Glorious and historical Caucus Mountains. A luxury property recently freed up by fodder left in Donestk.

Lady GreyFoam, in this exclusive report, has learned Roses of Reunification has support at the highest levels of Government.

The hit show has full backing as a long term goal to address Western schemes at depopulating Russia. "Due to influence of foreigners our women have 0.4 babies to Finland's 0.8 babies," noted Olga Golodets, Chairman Commission on Minors’ Affairs and Protection of Their Rights. She continued, "The Ministory of Defense can plan to equip a 0.8 man. Most Russian conscripts have lost some kind of body part, but we need more than a 0.4 soldier."

Roses of Unification was launched as a brainchild of the 143 Service, a specialized unit in the Intelligence Information and Spermatic Glorification through Unification of the Federal Security Services of the Russian Federation. The unit now lead by Colonel General Segery Beseda deals with demgographic challenges in Russian Federation.

"We had so many weak men turn their back on Russia. When mobilsation was announced cowards fled to our borders. Now we have liberated strong Russian bears held captive by Kiev. Russian women can not seem to get enough of these liberated war heroes freed in newly annexed territory," commented, Besada. "True Russians, from Ukraine," said Beseda.

Russians can not get enough of the TV show or online fan discussions. "You see the #OblastBearRide hashtag everywhere" said one woman, "I can not wait to get a Ukrainian, I mean, freed Russian, to replace my Vatnik of man."

Roses of Reunification airs every week. The show gets carried in 14 languages and is available on RT, OAN, and Fox Business News.

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