Exploring New Tools

Been playing with a ton of #indieweb tools as I am thinking about ways to simplify my digital life.

Wordpress has been pissing me off. Lately just playing wack-a-mole with new version releases and plug-in conflicts with my theme and other plug-ins.

The wordpress site has basically become a portfolio of my long form articles. It syndicates to Medium and pushes links to Twitter and LinkedIn.

Trying out micro.blog. The “micro” is more in reference to the protocols and not “microblogging” as in what we used to call what we do on Twitter.

Look’s like I have to use markdown. I can deal, but it likes snowboarding. It looks really cool and easy but I will stick with skiing. I like HTML.

I like the clean interface. Will have to check out the syndication features.

Greg McVerry @jgmac1106