We are but
     a piece 
 of glass
 brittle in our 
   sun while
  we make our
    galaxy for stars
  not yet born 
  a sea of small energy
   back to the one
  sounds so lost
they must get heard.
   Rivers who
open on the
mouith of me
  drawn on lakes
   seaping in,
in a source....
 pushed by
       smells of
 stolen memories
 floating on an
    antithesis to


I had a poem in my
  but now I lost
     and small
    in torn
    cotton fibers


A poet
makes a
mark down
town in 
spaces of 
 pre history who
 escape the plain
 text of reality
On broken
lips wo
float on
sunken ships
a detritis 
  on the bows
 of our
We pray with pencils.
    of needles
 in paragees
  of realities 
  stitched in 
  bright applique
  of dark truths 
  hidden at apogee.
  A reference frame
  of embroidery to
  bolster and
     stitches held
     in tipped 
   metric tensor
Starving for oxygen
  waiting on rain
rippling on rhytmns
lost in my name
in sounds bouncing in
drumming of the sun,
beats of  yesterdays 
tomrrow's haze

Better than coffee

job alert: front end designer: accessibility remediations based on WCAG/ 1099 3 month of FTE hours, crazy pay, Ember preferred but unexpected. React or Vue.js ok US Citizen requirement but in the HigherEd space, not working in government space

I swear if he didn’t have a bucket o' chick from the Col on the head be known as one of the top guitarist of all time/ www.youtube.com/watch Just that good

La morte è niente. Solo solamente passato dall’altra: è come fossi nascosto nella stanza accanto.

Catch you soon Zio. Thanks for teaching me when it comes to cooking you only need salt, pepper, olive oil.

Every time.

Life works that way.

Each of us is chosen There’s a mission just for you Just look inside You’ll be surprised What you can do

A long but rewarding East Haddam Litlle League Board of Directors meeting. Getting excited for the season. Thank you to all the volunteers making this happen.

I am hanging at @UConnTechComm as a start up who has gotten @uconn grants now my company has reshaped #teacherevaluation #cybersecuirty and #cmmc market reviewtalentfeedbcak.com

Monday Design Studio: hack section #edu106 class. We just kicked off the learn something module.

Students gotta go learn something. That’s their subjective. They then need to reflect that is both my and the way life works requirment.

Gonna talk about hacking expectations

Celebrating Ma Rainey

Today for #WomensHistoryMonth we travel back to the Harlem Reniassance.

Let’s celebrate to one of the founding voices of Blues and Jazz. Growing up a minstrel singer Rainey and Rainey, Assassinators of the Blues, Gertue Pridget tok the nomenclature when after marrying Will “Pa” Rainey.

Rainey’s voice brought Southern Blues vocals to the world. Louis Armtrong and other greats would go on to perform with Ma Rainey.

Rainey adopted a son with her husband and had a closeted relationship with Bessie Smith, considered the greatest Blues vocalist of all times.

Balance is equinox Cool winds Shadows into light Sun stops time Time stops sun Light into shadows Winds cool Equinox is balance

Happy Spring and International Poetry #smallpoems

Screenshot of just some of the mozfest Discord channels. You will see groups of games, tech, art, etc. Web is culture not tech. #mozfest

A screenshot reminder on how to improve your search results in the #education space: -teacherspayteachers -pinterest

Spent the first day of spring breaking out the knives and finally getting back to the chess set.

“Capitalism forgets that life is social. And the kingdom of brotherhood is found neither in the thesis of communism nor the antithesis of capitalism, but in a higher synthesis.”

Marin Luther King –Speech to Southern Christian Leadership Conference Atlanta, Georgia, August 16, 1967.

“Life is expressed in a threefold way: through thoughts, desires, and actions. Rightly guide all three forms of expression and they will lead you to a higher state of consciousness.”

-Paramahansa Yogananda

Fingers move through scales see the sounds without your touch Life’s fluid music

My kids love the Nickelodeon show “All That" really hope one of them starts a podcast called “And a Bag of Chips”