@manton My brother is in Austin. The pictures I see are devestating. Like nothing I have seen since...the last ice storm in Texas.

These seem annual

Stay warm. Hope you have power.

@cleverdevil and all I want is an ipod with a big hard drive and a click wheel

@KimberlyHirsh I don't trust the view numbers on Twitter now anyways

Utter garbage.

I am only still on platform to support #NAFO and a #DISINFO researher

@davextreme that's the publisher not having the write summary in the OGP kruff. Should match the tweet...my issue though is browser caching, I would frame that summary different for different audiences.

@manton A strange effect of Elon adding views is almost the opposite. Many realize they speak to no one.

just as bad

@bradenslen Come to New Jersey. You will still see full service gas uniforms.

@bradenslen So much of the US Government is on WP 5.9.1 and will not be moving on any time soon. Classic editor will be with us for a long time

@khurtwilliams good idea. A key boundary to protect and a need to ensure availability.

@khurtwilliams I will have them up on a store soon. I was trying snipcart and rolling my own but just soo much work and one more manual till it hurts break points.

@chrisaldrich meet @carterb5. An #edu522 student new to micro blog.

@dave Not just slack ops but I would say the majority of SIEM/SOAR or home spun solutions to meeting Federal cybersecurity requirements rely on RSS feeds. SlackOps sounds like a last mile/endpoint notification

@carterb5 Welcome to microblog

@manton Prediction: Buddy Comedy announced in under 6th months...What we saw was advanced meme making marketing

@aaronpk Go for the ultimate experiment. Limburger.

@jean What a great name for an N/A spirit

@jean That was one good thing about masks in the work place. Before you could only drink Vodka...Much easier to mask the smell of Gin or Whiskey

@judell @dr_jdean has via been deprecated? I can't seem to put the wrapper url in front of urls.

@jgmac1106 #clmooc This is a found poem using the Only Questions tool by only-the-questions.glitch.me @pomeranian99 by remixing poems from @dogtrax dogtrax.edublogs.org/category/... rhizolearning hashtag. (I added new punctuations to parenthentical salutations for I share a love for stuffed in segueys).

@JohnPhilpin Yeah you caught me in a A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia kinda mood but think about it

a truth can be based on zero facts if enough people repeat it. And how can something be true until atleast one person repeats it?

Truths are socially complex text that unfold in real time across modalities yet cemented in history through various forces of varying amplification and authenticity whose speed and scope has advanced in way never seen in human history.

@JohnPhilpin they know how to use truth as power. Repeating semiotic lines of membership

@JohnPhilpin yes. It being a lie is your truth.

Truths an assemblage of landscape as facts take different lines of flight.

@JohnPhilpin isn't it a truth for many?

@JohnPhilpin truth is repetition

@aaronpk marketplace and community news from my small town the two things I miss about facebook.

@ton and my personal library needs more academic, a ton of pdfs, ease of citations. Currently I just add files to a folder on my server and then share them behind a hypothes.is link.

Or a bookmark...Maybe why on my old Known site (not RIP...but life support) that was my most subscribed feed.